Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Two Things i Love... Around my Home

i'm always saying "ooh i want that!" or "gosh, i wish i had the money to buy that" and often it is for pieces that i feel would look lovely in my home. i seem to forget that i actually do have quite a few things in my home that are lovely and make me happy when i look at them.... so i thought it would be fun to do a post every tuesday called Two Things i Love... Around my Home. basically, this will force me to take a good look around my home and fall in love all over again with the sweet and lovely things i once said "ooh i want that!" and "gosh, i wish i had the money to buy that" for. every tuesday it will be two new things.... i'm excited to fall in love all over again and i invite you to share with me two things you love in your home too!

My two lovelies...

i LOVE this old milk jug that my dad gave me a few years ago. i use it as an end table in my family room and love the way it adds a bright and funky touch

i LOVE this cozy throw that i bought from Anthropologie last year. it makes me happy every time i snuggle with it while watching a movie... and i love it even more because i got it on sale ;-)

what are two things You love in your home? i would love to know...

be sure to stop by tomorrow - i'll be doing a giveaway!

have a lovely evening



MannMom3 said...

I love my rooster pillow I bought from pottery barn and I love my coffee table from El Paso Imports.

Can I enter your giveaway?

Kassi said...

yes, you can... since you'll be giving me my only shout out! the case turned out super cute too!!!

ps. i love your coffee table too!

Anne said...

Hi Kass, yoru blog is so cute! I love your stuff in your house that you picked, and it's so awesome to highlight appreciating stuff we have instead of lamenting the stuff we don't, especially in this economy! Not that I am very good at that. anyway, I just wanted to touch base and see if I could order some pin cushions for Christmas gifts for family and friends? :) Thanks! Also, in line with your post...gosh, I love my globe, because it's so fun to imagine all the other places out there, and I also love my tea kettle, which is green and whistles really loudly. Have a great day! Anne

Kassi said...

thanks anne!
i would love love love to make you some pin cushions... email me at kassiunderwood@hotmail.com to let me know how many you would like and how you would like them to look... different, the same... what colors, specific design... all that good stuff.

i have been wanting to get a globe for some time now and every time i find one at an antique store dan puts the darn husbandly foot down and says no. sucks.

ps. i love green tea kettles!

pps. i'm doing a giveaway tomorrow of a sunglass case. you should enter!!

Claudette said...

Hey Kass. I'm happy with our new painted side table from Brazil and our huge dining table; perfect for those family get-togethers. Great idea to be appreciative of what we do have. Love you, Mom

MannMom3 said...

Just to let you know..I get no shout outs for my giveaways!

Adele said...

that milk jug is amazing!! (; thanks for visiting and following and taking part in the giveaway! can't wait to see yours (; xoxo

marina said...

your house is full of treasures! i wish i could go shopping at your house.
two of my favs in our apartment is my yellow tea kettle and my sweet little anthropologie cream and sugar dishes. they make my place feel so much more put together than it really is.

Jenilee said...

What a great idea!!! I have to say that I love my brown sweater that my mom got be for Christmas - it's so warm! and I also love our homeschool table. it is a great place to learn! thanks for the reminder to be thankful!